KATH: 20 Doctors, 100 Nurses Test Positive For COVID-19

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Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Paa Kwesi Baidoo, has revealed that at least about 20 doctors with about 100 nurses have been infected with Coronavirus.

Though not fully collated, he projected that for every doctor that is infected, five nurses will contract the virus.

This brings the presumed number of infected nurses to about 100.

The Ashanti Region has a 2,275 Covid-19 cases according to the Ghana Health Service website update.

Dr Badioo, however, noted that thirty-eight lives have been lost to the virus.

In an interview on Morning Starr, he said: “the more your health workers are contracting it, the more likely that after some time there wouldn’t be anybody with the requisite skill to take care of whoever who is coming in because they themselves are in quarantine.”

“I can’t give you the figures therein because I am not responsible for gathering their data, but it stands to reason that for each doctor who will get it, there will be about five nurses or healthcare workers who will also get it,” he explained.

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